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It was just another day, your mom was nagging you to take your dog out for a walk. You didn't feel like it because you had just got home from work, and you didn't finish your homework from earlier, (name of teacher you don't like) would kill you if you didn't hand it in on time. You hated 12th grade so much, it sucked the life out of you but there was only two things that got you through the day.

Your boyfriend, Alfred F. Jones, you loved everything about him, the way how his baby blue eyes looked at you and oh god, how much you loved his sandy blond hair! The way it sat perfectly on his head! He was the best boyfriend you have ever had...well it's not like you have had a lot of boyfriends...actually he was your FIRST boyfriend, and your best friend, (BFF name), you two had been friends since the 5th grade, she is like your sister, you tell her everything, things no one, not even your boyfriend know about you.

"(y/n)!," your mom was not letting you off the hook this time, "you have to walk (d/n) now!"

"But mom~ I have to finish homework." You whined.

"Well you should of thought before."

You gave in, not because you changed your mind, you didn't want to get grounded for something this stupid. Plus you and Alfred had a date coming up soon and you wouldn't miss that for the world.


Your phone screen lit up signifying a text from (BFF name). You pressed your finger against the screen and slid it to the right, to unlock your cell.

heyyy wat ya doing? im bored

Classic (BFF name) you thought. You quickly the typed your response.

nm just about to walk my dog...wanna come?plz!

It took less than a minuet for her to respond.

OK! b ther in 10 lol i will bring the pastaaaaaaaa~.

You mentally face-palmed yourself. She was exactly like her boyfriend, Feliciano Vargas. They both have a weird obsession with pasta, they are Italian, and they both are friendly yet clumsy and very, very energetic. It was strange how perfect they where for each other.

"d/n!" You called your dog, she/he came up to you wagging her/his tail. You smiled and bent down to pet the fuzz ball and hook the leash on their collar. You dropped the leash to slip on your new favorite boots, they where brown with a heal. You didn't normally like to wear high heals, they wear uncomfortable, not to mention extremely hard to walk in and too girly, but these were perfect, not girly and comfy. They only catch was you couldn't run in them. But your going on a walk, you didn't need to run you thought to your naive self.

"(Y/N)~!!!!!!" There was your goofball friend scaring the shit out of you! You did't even see her come in.

"AHHHH!" You screeched, (BFF name) smiled and started to laugh at you. "Shut up! Lets get going, I don't want to be walking home in the dark."        

                                             * LE TIME SKIP *

*alarm noise* You two where at the halfway point of your walk. Fifteen minutes when by quickly, it was time to head back. Perfect timing too, the Sun was just setting. The sky was a pretty pink and orange. This was your favorite time of day, just how the day came to an end was so peaceful, so calming.

You and (BFF name) are walking when a black small car goes zooming past in the direction you two are walking. You turn to your best friend and joke "There goes speed racer!"

"Haha yeah really speeding much...(y/n)...look" She said cautiously.

"What?" You look up to see the black little car turing around, "geez (y/bbf/n), your such a chicken the driver must have gotten lost..."

A little red flag goes off in your head when you see the little black car now on the other side of the street, going the opposite way of you; slowly drive past you. With the driver who looked strangely familiar, a man probably 18 or 19, with dark red hair and sunglasses on, looking you and your friend up and down with lusty eyes and a creepy smile. You feel a little better when the car passes you two.
"What a creeper..." (BFF name) says.

"Yeah really, did you see how he was looking at us?" You asked

"Totally. What a pervert..." She agrees.

Little did you know that the black car was turning around AGAIN! Now the car was on your side of the road and following you and your best friend. Finely I have found you. I can't wait to see Alfred's face when I steal you, (y/n) and keep you for myself...who is the other girl though? I didn't plan on taking her too, but I guess I will, I can't have her running to the cops, the man with the dark red hair thought darkly to himself.

You had a bad feeling that you couldn't shake, who was that man? And why did he look so familiar? You shuddered at the thought. You couldn't stand it anymore, you looked over your shoulder to only confirm your fear. The black car was still following you and your friend.

"(BFF name)! Th-the c-car is foll-llowing us!!!" You whispered

"WHAT?!?!?" She looked over her shoulder, "Shit!" (BFF name) took off in a sprint. Crap, this is the last thing you wanted, you could hear the car speeding up, in a haste you pick up your dog and run for your life!

"(BFF NAME)!!!!! WAIT UP!!!" You yell. She said something but she was to far ahead for you to hear her, she kept running. The car was gaining on you, a mere two feet away. You could hear a dark chuckle coming from the car. Shit, was he really that close? You fearfully thought. "GET INTO THE REARST DRIVEWAY! NOW!!!" You screamed, to your relief (BFF name) heard you and ran into a driveway.

Oh my god he is going to get me!! Run! RUN (BFF name)! You thought fiercely. Tears stinging your eyes as you ran faster, scared for your life. To your surprise the car was slowing down. You ran even faster than you thought you could master.

Your best friend was screaming your name to run faster. A foot away from the the driveway disaster struck. Your foot hit a loose rock and you fell, your dog goes flying out of your arms into the driveway.

"(Y/N)!!!!!GET UP!!! NOW!!!" She ran up to you and helped you into the drive way. You, (BFF name), and your dog were hiding in the bushes waiting for the car to pass. Ten minutes goes by, nothing. No little black car or any car.

It was getting dark. You were freaked and growing impatient, you couldn't stand the waiting and neither could your friend. "I think he's gone...lets go." You say calmly, (BFF name) only nodded in response, clearly wanting to get the hell out of there.

"Wait!" (BFF name) said getting out her phone and dialing 911 but not calling, just incase you make it home.

"Good idea, can you take (d/n)? She/he is getting to heavy for me, I will take your phone." You asked

"S-sure" She stuttered. You switched the dog for the phone. After making sure the black car was gone, both of you started walking, more like speed walking home.

Every minute or so you look over your shoulder, making sure you where safe. The fifth time you look over your shoulder you see car lights, the fear grows larger inside of you. As the car comes closer you see its small and black with the same driver! Would this guy ever stop?!? You pleadingly thought.

"RUN!! (BFF NAME), THE CAR IS BACK!!! RUN INTO ANOTHER DRIVEWAY!" (BFF name) didn't even question your command. She just ran. This time you two were running side by side. But the black car didn't speed up like last time, that didn't make you stop, you didn't want to wait and see what would happen if you did stop.

You guys reach another driveway. This driveway had big pillars to hide you two from the black car. The black car passed you two, the man looked towards the pillars as if he knew you where hiding there even though he couldn't see you and (BFF name). He didn't stop because there was a new car behind him, and the man with the dark red hair knew better to kidnap with out any witness, so he pulled into the driveway ahead of you.

The new car was gone. The black car was waiting for you and (BFF name) to flee again.

"What should we do?" (BFF name) practically cried out.

"Run, he has us cornered if we wait here. We just have to run!" You said.

"Ok lets go-" She started, but you cut her off.

"Wait! Let me call Alfred! He might know what to to!"

"Just do it quickly."

"Ok." You took out your phone and dialed the number you knew by heart.


"Lets at least start running." (BFF name) said. You both sprit out of the driveway, terrified and wet eyed.

*Ring...Ring...* "ALFRED F. JONES PICK UP!!!!" You screamed in your head.

*Ring...Ring...* You could see your house it was still a distance away ether way a spark of hope flared inside of you.

*Ring...Rin-* "Hello?" A familiar voice said.


"(y/n)? Are you ok? You sound tense."

"No, I'm not, there is a small black car following me and (y/bbf/n)."

"WHAT?!? (y/n) where are you???"

"Almost home-" You were cut off by (BFF name)'s scream!

"(Y/N)!!!!!! THE CAR!!! IT'S BACK!!!" (BFF name) Yelled

You looked over your shoulder and saw the black car, and he was very close, so close that you could get a good look at him and so did (BFF name). You and Your best friend were too stunned to speak or move. The driver looked almost like Alfred. But instead of Alfred's sandy blond hair there was dark red and he was tanner than your boyfriend!

Alfred was getting nervous "(Y/N)!!! ARE YOU OK? CAN YOU SEE WHO THE DRIVER IS?? TELL ME WHATS GOING ON!"

"Um yeah...the drive, Alfred..." you responded emotionless.

"WHAT?!? But I'm at home- RUN (Y/N)!!! GET AWAY FROM HIM!! NOW!!!"

It was to late now the 'other' Alfred's car had pulled in front of you and (BFF name). He got out of the car with a object. You shivered when you saw what it was, a bloody baseball bat with rusty nails sticking out of it.
"Hello~ ladies." His voice was like Alfred's, but darker. "I've been looking for you (y/n)."

"H-how do you k-know my name?" You were scared shitless, you could here your Alfred screaming run on your phone, but you ignored him. How did this 'Alfred' know your name? More importantly, what are you and (BFF name) going to do? You were cornered like two rats in a trap.

"I think your not in any position to ask the questions (n/y)." Then he swung his bat at (BFF name)'s head, knocking her out. You screamed dropping your phone and (BFF name)'s phone too, your Alfred terrified hearing you scream like that, then you dropping the phone, he could only think of the terrible things his other half was doing or going to do to you and your poor friend.

Alfred's other half was thinking of that too. "See what I mean (n/y)? Don't worry I'm not going to kill her...yet. If don't come with me you'll regret it." The 'other' Alfred said warningly. You could hear your boyfriend shouting to you from the phone.

I at least have to try, you thought.

As fast as you could, you grabbed your cell and ran.

"ALFRED!!" You shouted in to the phone, "HELP ME, HE-HE JUST KNOCKED (BBF NAME) OUT WITH HIS BASEBALL BAT-" You never finished your sentence, because of the fact there was a baseball bat with rusty nails hitting your head.

You fell to the ground and before your vision when black the last thing you saw was the evil 'Alfred' with a wicked smile plastered on his lips.

Now that you were unconscious, the 'other' Alfred, Al was his name, picked up your phone and heard his other, gooder half franticly calling your name, Al smiled at the thought of Alfred going mad with fear.

"Oh Alfie~" Al sang, "she is mine." With a click of his finger Al hung up and threw your phone far away. All of a sudden Al heard a growl behind him, he turned to see your white, fluffy (type of small dog) baring its toothpick like teeth.

Al laughed at the sight of that, how pathetic, he thought and then proceeded to pick you up. He walked by your dog, who was still growling and threw you in the front seat and then your best friend in the back. Al had finally achieved his goal. You, he had you (plus your best friend). He got into his car and drove off leaving your dog ten feet away from your house.

Looks like you were going to miss that date with Alfred, now that your world was over.
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33starrynight33 Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I finally got around to reading this! :iconrinxdplz:

I have a question(I never understood reader inserts so this may sound stupid)

I think I read it wrong, but "I" am dating Alfred at the tippy beginning, then I am dating a random other guy a few sentences later? *Goes to re-read it*
lfs100 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
its ok! Yes "you" are dating Alfred but then "you and your best friend" get kidnaped by Al, Alfred's evil counter part. Al is a hot psychopath and he has been stocking you for quite some time and has fallen head over heals for you. He finally decides to "make a move" and takes you away from Alfred. I hope this helps! ^_^
MadnessProductions Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
chiarablasco3 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Soooooooo good!!!!!!!!!! Im waiting for the second one!!!!
jessiebasu Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
nice to read it all...

Nutmeg9 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Student

ARandomTimeOfDay Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
eissac1999 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
This is really good~ plz make more~!!
lfs100 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thanks! i really appreciate it!!! i will try!!! hopefully i will get some inspiration for the next one!!! :D
Yuki-the-Trickster Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Student General Artist
HOLY CRAP!! I GET KIDNAPPED BY 2P AMERICA!!!!!!!!!? What happens next? It's sooooo suspenseful!
lfs100 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
im not sure, i might not even continue it...but there is a good chance i will :)
Yuki-the-Trickster Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Student General Artist
:iconfuckyeahamericaplz: YES THANK YOU!!!!!!!
xXCielaPhantomhiveXx Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Student Artist
...This was so good i think i was take the shoes off and run for my life! D:
lfs100 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
i would to but the reader likes her shoes too much for that to happen lol XD
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