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2P!AmericaXReader - It Was Just Another Day Part 4
(BFF's Name) Point of view
(BFF's name) heard Al's foot steps along with (y/n)'s crying slowly fade away. She opens her eyes to find they two had gone. Slowly she rose up, taking a few shaky steps to the door.
Pausing at the doorway, (BFF's name) makes sure the no one is there.
The sound of sneakers pounding agents the wooden floor filled the hallway. (BFF's name)'s heart was racing, searching desperately for an exit of any kind.
Taking a left she fines a broken window with shards of glass jetting out of the window frame. Not waiting, too afraid of Al and his brother, (BFF's Name) climbed through. More cuts appear on her skin from the broken glass.
Looking back once more (BFF's Name) thinks Don't worry (y/n) I'm going to get help… Filled with adrenaline and a new found hope she takes off running away. The blood bleeds numbly down her legs and forearm as she runs to safety.
Looking around, (BFF'S name) all she can see are trees and trees. The house Al too
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2p Hetalia: Scream for Me Ch. 3
France wakes up alone.  Head pounding, he slowly climbs to his feet, the previous event slowly filtering back to him.  What…what happened? We were looking for England and…

All of Francis' senses suddenly snap back into place, setting his mind on overdrive. Not only England, but everyone else had disappeared from the room, leaving France to his own worries.  England, no, although England was probably at special risk, especially to his other half, but the state of Hungary worried him the most. France didn't like the way 2p America was looking at her.  Sure, Hungary was tough, but she had never dealt with a 2p before.
Ever since he was a child, the 2p's, especially England and America, bothered him constantly, and not in the friendly way. France and England were well aware of them, and as some of the oldest countries in Europe (and obviously America and Canada knew), they kept the whole 2p thing under wraps.  But this…they ha
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Pruhun - It is Her Choice
Hungary had gotten to a big fight with Austria. Of corse they have fought before but nothing like this...this fight was big. They even started throwing things at each other. She ran out of his house into the cold night, anger and sadness, but mostly anger boiled through her. For some odd reason she did not feel that sad...shouldn't she? They had been married for years; but then again the marriage was arraigned and its not like she had fallen madly in love with him, but she did learn to love him in some form. Her legs soon began to hurt from running...she decided to walk instead, she hoped a car would pass soon.
Prussia saw Hungary walking down the road with sadness in her eyes. He decided to slow down just in time to catch her. "Hallo Hungary, did Austria ditch you for the piano again?" Jump in he said, pressing his hands against the side of his car. He noticed that she seemed really upset this time, which is why he offered for her to come to his place in the mean time. "It'll be fun.
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2p Hetalia: Scream for Me Ch. 2
Prussia and France had no choice but to follow 2p England  down the poorly lit hallway.
2p England had a crazy smirk plastered on his lips when he heard the two pairs of shoes following him. Alfie is going to be so happy, I've got THREE more pets! He thought.
They had made it to the third door on the right. There was the same sickly sweet odor portraying from that door, but it was much stronger.
Prussia gave France a worried look as 2p England unlocked the old door.
The door sung open very slowly, revealing a small, dull guest room. Inside the guest room was a large poster bed rarely used. Three bodies were bound to the bed, England (the real one), America, and Hungary. Only Arthur and Elisaveta were awake.
"Hello poppets, I have some more friends for you~" 2p England  sang, and walked in with Spain. Prussia and France linger in the doorway behind Arthur's counterpart. Hungary and England stayed silent unaware that their loves were waiting to save them. They were also unaware
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Mature content
2P!AmericaXReader - It Was Just Another Day Part 3 :iconlfs100:lfs100 26 8
2p Hetalia: Scream for Me
Prussia rolled over, groggy from sleep, and grabbed his cell phone. What the hell? Who could be texting me at this hour? The bright screen lit up, signifying a text from Hungary. "Oh what is it now, stupid?" Prussia grumbled. "Miss me already?"
Hungary and Prussia had been together for about a month now, and they weren't what you would call the perfect couple. Their relationship had their ups and downs, but they stuck together, no matter what.  Prussia sighed and unlocked his phone.
Prussia this is urgent! I was going to visit England but he wasn't there and I lost my frying pan and I think someone else is in the house! Don't blow this off, asshole! <3 Hungary.
Prussia sighed. It was two o'clock in the freaking morning. And yet….she had the almost irresistible effect about her, no matter how much she insulted him, he would always come running. Slowly, he slid out of bed and pulled on some clothes. This better be important, Hungary, he thought to himself as he wal
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*HetaOni SPOILER* England by lfs100 *HetaOni SPOILER* England :iconlfs100:lfs100 13 12 Eye by lfs100 Eye :iconlfs100:lfs100 4 9 My Top Anime Pairings!!! by lfs100 My Top Anime Pairings!!! :iconlfs100:lfs100 5 2 HETALIA SHIPPING MEME by lfs100 HETALIA SHIPPING MEME :iconlfs100:lfs100 2 8 Black Butler Chibis by lfs100 Black Butler Chibis :iconlfs100:lfs100 5 2


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So I had a weird dream last night...

 (France was not like Him self, he was not flirting at all, he was Kinda Depressed through out the dream)

So I was in a Spanish dancing class. Spain (he was the teacher), France, Prussia, England, and I was in the class. And I got France as a dancing partner, I made a face because i didn't want to be his partner. So we start dancing and I soon felt bad for him because of all the hate he gets, so I told him "France I'm sorry for all the crap you get...if it makes you feel any better I don't believe it" then he told be "thanks that means a lot.

*Scene change after class*

England comes up to me. And says "France was felt much better after what you told him."

I hung out with France a bunch of times after that and.... I started to have feelings for him.

* scene change *

I am about to go skydiving with Dean, Cas, Sam, and Bobby . When my cousin comes over to me and says "it's really scary!!! Your going to love it!" Then bobby comes up to me and he is like "if ya want to say your last good bye, ya better call Amy (Amy Pond) and tell her. And I didn't want to say my last good bye to her, I wanted to tell France! So I call him. (Apparently we were going to die or something like that if we went sky diving and we were all okay with that O.o)

*the phone call*

Me: hey France so I'm about to go skydiving so I wanted to say goodbye

France: what!? Oh....

Me: yeah and I also want to tell you that I....kinda love you......


Me: you still there?

France: yes, just Processing.

Me: oh ok

France: I love you too.

Me: really?!

France; yes 

Then I woke up... God that's the last time I watch hetalia before I go to bed XD

  • Watching: Hetalia


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